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This is an independent site dedicated to original, honest, extensive reviews of some of history’s most legendary films, and a few that will never quite reach “legend” status.

The decline of the daily newspaper industry presents a challenge, and opportunity, for the traditional media consumer. Before the Internet, newspapers were larger, movie ads constituted a decent chunk of revenue (they still do in many cases, thankfully), and papers could provide sprawling sections on Fridays and/or Sundays devoted to arts criticism.

In today’s tough times, much of that space has been reduced, and some papers have been forced to jettison critics and rely on syndicated material.

The consumer, though, is hardly limited. Someone now in a remote location can read the latest New York Times review the moment it is done. And the Internet allows for almost endless writing, so that subjects deserving extensive coverage can get it.

Unfortunately, Internet-based communication is gradually eroding the standards realized over decades, if not centuries, by daily print media and magazines. Writing can be overly long and erratic. Mistakes are inconsequential; they can easily be fixed online. Most newspaper Web sites appear to be embracing a user-operator format where readers contribute as much to the subject as the trained reporters do. Organization is deeply problematic.

These trends pose a unique problem to arts criticism. Spoilers are rampant. Ratings are by no means universal. Movie quality is regularly being judged by online reader votes.

This site believes in the necessity of daily print journalism, and perhaps more importantly, its standards. Thought-provoking commentary on the arts should not be reduced to e-mail-caliber discourse.

We’ll do the best we can at widescreenings.com. We do not give out major spoilers; however, we believe in most cases, the films should be seen before these reviews are read. We’ll add films as often as we can. Ratings are based on a four-star system. This site is completely independent. No Webmasters are involved. It has been built by the writer from scratch, with special thanks to an uncle for steering him down this path.

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Also: Welcome guests from the U.K., Deutschland, Sverige, China, Japan, South Africa, the Caribbean and many other locations, as revealed by our site traffic data.

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